How To Wash Herschel’s Backpack? – Step by Step Guide

Herschel backpacks are timeless beauties that are loved by people for their abundant qualities. These backpacks are sold by a Canadian firm called Herschel Supply Co. which sells other accessories, including caps, accessories, and duffel bags.

These bags are famous for their longevity and durability. However, one of the significant drawbacks of using these bags is that they often get dirty and thus need a thorough cleaning from time to time.

The company claims that the bags should be handled with care. Each backpack comes with a set of guidelines one must adhere to when washing them. For example, if there is any dirt spot on the bag, it is recommended to just do a spot treatment. On the other hand, if one notices significant grime and dirt, it is advisable to wash the bag thoroughly. However, one must ensure to follow the precautions mentioned.

If one is wondering about How To Wash Herschel’s Backpack, they must follow the below-mentioned steps to thoroughly clean the bag-


1. Make Sure To Empty The Bag:

Make Sure To Empty The Bag

Make sure that everything has been taken out of the backpack. Also, ensure the same while doing spot treatment and not just while washing it. Ensure that the spot treatment solution shouldn’t seep into any personal items or the internal layers of the bag.

Furthermore, it would be safer if the bag is completely empty as it would become a lot easier to turn the backpack upside down while cleaning it.

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2. Do Not Scrape The Bag With Pointy Objects

Do Not Scrape The Bag With Pointy Objects

It might so happen that the inside of the bag is filled with grime and dirt as well. However, if this is the case, it is advisable to use a soft-bristled brush to remove the gunk with gentle strokes. Do not use toothpicks or hard-bristle brushes to remove the dirt.

Using a portable vacuum can also come in handy to clean the dirt from inside the bag. Keep the vacuum air at a low speed while working on these backpacks.

3. Use Mild Soaps And Warm Water To Clean The Bag

Use Mild Soaps And Warm Water To Clean The Bag

Whether doing a spot treatment or washing the entire bag, a mild soap must be used at all costs. Also, lukewarm to slightly warm water is preferable to wash the Herschel backpacks. The fine material of these backpacks might get ruined if harsh chemical soaps and hot water are used to wash them.

For spot cleaning: Apply some gentle soap to the stain. Use a cotton cloth or a wet wipe, pour it into the soap solution, and dab it on the stained area. Make sure to soak the stain with this soap solution and leave it for an hour or so. Scrubbing on the backpack is not recommended; however, if the stain is too stubborn, use a toothbrush and gently scrub it off.

For overall washing: It is recommended to handwash the backpack. Soak the bag in a bucket or tub filled with warm water. Make sure that the backpack is well submerged in the water. Avoid using too hot water, or it may ruin the texture and color of the bag.

Adding a small scoup of soap into the container or tub is recommended. Keep the bag in the water for an hour or two, then take it out gently. Use a wet wipe of a cotton rag and gently wipe the bag with it, including the bag’s interiors.

If there remains any stain, perform spot cleaning on that specific area. Do not be too harsh with the material of the bag. After this, rinse the backpack again with cool water to ensure dirt is left, and air dry the bag: let it dry naturally.

4. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals On The Material Of The Bag

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals On The Material Of The Bag

Before using any soap or cleaning substance, is it better to test it on a small portion of the bag or the bottom half of the bag and see if the color changes and fades away or not. Many cleaning substances available in the market have dyes in the ingredients and components that might affect the color of the material used.

Even before using wet pipes, a patch test is a must. Kindly refrain from using bleach or fabric softeners, no matter how bad the stain is. Also, do not put the bag under direct sunlight.

Watch this video to see how to clean a white backpack:

Once the bag has been fully cleaned, keep it out of the direct sun. Fabrics may easily fade in the sun, and the bags might lose their aesthetic appearance. Place the backpack under room temperature and probably under a fan to help it dry quickly.

5. Do Not Machine Wash Or Dry Clean The Bag

Do Not Machine Wash Or Dry Clean The Bag

The company strictly recommends its users not to machine wash the backpack, or it may damage the material’s integrity and quality altogether.

Also, the company advises hand washing the item with gentle soap, something which is not as harsh as dish soap, and then letting it dry naturally by air as this might compromise the materials’ integrity, so machine washing or dry cleaning the backpacks are not advised.

The polyester used to make Herschel backpacks is stiff and water-resistant. It only must be washed with warm water and mild soap to be cleaned. Hand washing ought to work if spot cleaning is not an option. Use gentle soap and hang the bag to dry out. Also, refrain completely from using waterproof sprays on the bag, or the actual colors of the bag might fade off.

6. Static Sprays

Static Sprays

Static sprays are quite effective in taking care of high-quality bags and the personal items stored inside them. Sometimes items inside the bags might develop negative static energy if stored for too long in a closed space, in this case, a backpack. This might also ruin the interior material of the bag and might cause wear and tear.

Consider applying an anti-static spray to the bag’s interior to ensure that the items do not become charged while being stored. These sprays prevent the buildup of negative charges on the items and assist control static electricity.

Final Word

This is all you need to know before washing your backpacks. Keep the above-mentioned pointer in mind to ensure that your bag is thoroughly cleaned.


FAQ How To Wash Herschel's Backpack

1. What is the Herschel backpacks’ water resistance rating?

Herschel backpacks are made up of a material that has a waterproof capacity of 1,500mm. Any material with a capacity of 800mm is sufficient to provide good waterproof protection to a bag.

2. Can you wash a Herschel backpack in a machine?

The company suggests not using this approach. Machine wash can ruin the material and quality of the bags. Handwashing is rather safe and recommended

3. Can a Herschel backpack be dry cleaned?

It is strictly not recommended to dry clean the backpacks. Heat can permanently damage the fabric and color of the backpack.