Beyond the Barrel: Is There a Gender Gap in Gun Ownership?

Beyond the Barrel Is There a Gender Gap in Gun Ownership

In the realm of gun ownership, the term “gender gap” introduces a nuanced exploration into the distinct patterns of firearm possession between men and women. Understanding this gap is pivotal in unraveling the complex interplay of societal norms and individual choices. Examining the historical landscape of gun ownership in the US provides valuable context, highlighting … Read more

Best States For Hog Hunting

Best US States for Hunting Hogs

Wouldn’t you like a holiday where you enjoy a rich and flavorsome feast of wild hog BBQ? Whether it’s a brothy hog soup or a side dish of grilled meat sticks, the meal would get more delicious if you could hunt down the hogs yourself! If you anticipate an adventurous hunt for a fresh supply … Read more