Do Hammocks Hurt Trees?

One of the main reasons that most people buy a hammock is to relax in nature, but what if our hammock is doing more damage to the trees than good? As the popularity of hammock camping increases, this question gets asked more and more. Do hammocks hurt trees? Can hammocks kill trees? Well, I looked … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide To Going On A Hammock Camping Holiday

Camping has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, with a significant number of people seeing the benefits and relaxation. Despite this rising popularity, many people mightn’t know how to make the most of their camping trip, especially if they’re hammock camping. Below we will explore the various items you should consider while … Read more

Why Your Hammock may be Tight

Are you experiencing a tight hammock when you lay down on it? There are several reasons why this may be the case. We will explore these situations below: Your hammock is tied too tight The most common reason for a hammock being tight in the middle is because the hammock is tied is too tight. … Read more

Are hammocks good for your back?

Almost 80% of adults will have back pain at some point during their life. Age, pregnancy, weight and genetics can all play a factor, but ultimately this type of health issue can affect anyone. Hunching over a laptop for long periods of time increases the risk of experiencing a stiff and aching back. Although many … Read more