Why Are Hammocks So Expensive?

Why are Hammocks so Expensive

People who looking are looking for a quality hammock are often finding themselves asking; “Why are hammocks so expensive?”. Well, I went ahead and looked at a number of different hammocks, at a number of different retailers and here is what I found; you might just be in for a pleasant surprise. While it is … Read more

Can a Hammock Get Wet?

Hammock Getting Wet, what to do

When camping, keeping your gear dry is always one of the top priorities, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. Can a hammock get wet? What do you do with a wet hammock? How can I keep my hammock dry? We’ve done the research and have you covered here at Hammockinformation.com To answer the question; yes, most … Read more

How Long are Hammock Stands?

How Long are Hammock Stands

Imagine ordering a hammock stand online only to find out that it’s too small for your hammock or too big for your room. That is one issue I hear of all too often. I want to do my part to help people avoid this problem so….  how long are hammock stands? On average, the typical … Read more