How Long are Hammock Stands?

Imagine ordering a hammock stand online only to find out that it’s too small for your hammock or too big for your room. That is one issue I hear of all too often. I want to do my part to help people avoid this problem so….  how long are hammock stands?

On average, the typical hammock stand is around 9-10 feet long. The next most common size that is often found in stores or online is around 15 feet. You can find models within a foot or so of both of these sizes, but there is not a huge variation which makes choosing something easier.

One thing to know is that most stands are adjustable and can fit a variety of different sizes of hammocks. There are also stands that are designed to be set up into multiple pieces so you can control their length. If you have a stand that is the wrong length and it is not adjustable, there are a few things that you can do to try and make it work for you.

When shopping for a hammock stand, it’s good to know the length of your hammock. You are going to want to measure it after it’s sagging the way you like it. If you are using a ridgeline, as I have recommended then you should already know how long you need.


How Important is Hammock Stand Length?

The overall size of a hammock stand is not as important as you may think. The biggest thing is, can it fit in the space you are trying to use it in? If the stand is too big for your space then, unfortunately, you will probably have to buy a new one; there really isn’t much else you can do.

With most hammocks, you don’t have to be overly concerned with whether or not it will fit the stand you have. There are many things you can do to try and make the length work, and many stands are built to accommodate a large variety of different-sized hammocks. I looked at one stand that had six adjustable lengths and could be used to set up hammocks to 4 feet apart in size.

Most Stands are Adjustable

When looking at a hammock stand, it may be hard to notice that it is adjustable as they just look like a frame with two metal forks, but it is. The metal poles that stick out on each side often have a number of holes going all the way up it. These holes are for hooks that you can just clip your suspension onto; I recommend leaving a set of suspension straps or chains with the stand so you don’t have to adjust it every time.

Many of these adjustable stands are also good for cloth hammocks too. Cotton cloth hammocks are often way bigger than camping hammocks and don’t use straps. Instead, the stands that they are compatible with having a number of holes going down the backside of the poles. This is great because it allows the stand to work with a number of different lengths of cloth hammocks too.

A Hammock Stand that is Too Long

Hammock Stand that is Too Long

If you are using a hammock with a suspension system, then having a stand that is too long usually isn’t too big of a problem. Most of these stands are usually pretty tall too; that is a good thing. You are going to want a tall stand because you are going to have to extend your suspension system a bit for your hammock to fit. For extending a hammock without a suspension system, you are out of luck; if you have a suggestion for this then please let me know!

If you have to extend your suspension system then you can do it by adding pieces or buying longer pieces. For example; if your hammock uses a chain you could add a carabiner, or you could buy a longer chain. If your hammock uses something adjustable, like straps, then you may be able to extend it without doing much at all.

A Hammock Stand that is Too Short

If you have a short hammock stand and a big hammock, you might have to get creative in order to make everything fit. Sometimes I see this situation from people who bought a small stand hoping to keep it in their car. I had advocated for bringing hammock stands to the beach but I want you to make sure it works with your hammock first!

Doing some reading online, I have seen some hammock stands that are so small that it would be difficult to fit a standard-size hammock in them. If your hammock is too short for your stand I have found three options that work great. Leave a comment on the post if you think you have found a better solution!

  • Tie a Knot in your Hammock- At each end of your hammock tie a knot, that’s it. A knot in each end will shorten your hammock quite a bit. I don’t really like to do this with my hammocks and avoid it whenever possible but it does work. If you are using a string or rope hammock then this might be a better solution for you.
  • Wrap it Around the Stand- Another thing you can try is wrapping your hammock around the stand. This is the same idea as tying knots at the end of your hammock. Some people might prefer this.
  • Use Shorter Suspension- I try to use this method when it’s possible. It can mean buying shorter straps or a chain but at least you don’t risk damaging your hammock. Sometimes I connect directly to a continuous loop.

Stands with No Specific Length

Stands with No Specific Length

There are a few stands with no specific length. I’ve recommended these stands as my top solution for setting up a hammock at the beach because they are so portable. While most stands are meant to be built into one piece and are made of either metal or wood, these ones can be made of different materials and are designed two be built into two different anchors.

These stands are great because you can just move the anchors to where they should be after you’ve assembled the pieces. These are definitely my favorite stands but can be pretty expensive. If you are looking for a portable stand that you assemble on site then you should definitely check one of these out.

Have Someone Build a Stand To the Length You Want

There are a quite a few mass-produced wooden stands that you can buy but you can totally have someone make you one out of wood. Although some people may think it, woodworking is not a dead craft. It’s usually not cheap but if you are looking for a permanent stand for your front yard, and you want something to last for years and years, then this is a really good option for you.

If you are interested in hiring a woodworker then you are going to need to be prepared. They are going to want to know the length you need the stand to be and what you want it to look like. You might also need to tell them exactly how it needs to function because you will be the hammock expert if they’ve never built one before.

If you have ever had a stand built for you, or if you are a woodworker and have built one yourself, please send me pictures, I’d love to see them.

DIY Stand

To find a stand the perfect length you can always build one yourself. Most of us aren’t woodworkers and wouldn’t be able to make a hammock stand that looks like a dragon but I could always try and follow a guide online.

When you build your own stand you have all the control over the length and can make adjustments as needed. I suggest you look into the TurtleDog Hammock Stand. For this project, you can find the directions online and there are videos of people building them on youtube.

So What?

We’ve learned that hammocks stands come in all different lengths but are usually around 10 and 15 feet. Overall the stand’s length isn’t super important. If you are using a standard camping hammock you should be able to make it work on any normal size stand model.

A hammock stand that is too long is better than a stand that is too short. There are some things you can try to do to make your hammock fit onto any mismatched stand but a stand that is too big is an easier problem to fix.

If you don’t want to find a stand that fits, then perhaps having a stand built for you, or building one yourself is a better solution. If you take the DIY route you have all the control over the dimensions! (Don’t forget to send me pictures).

This article is all about stand length. If you are looking to buy a stand, check out the recommended products page to see the stands that I like.