How to Shorten a Hammock so it Fits Your Stand

If you just purchased a new hammock for an existing stand or just realized that your hammock is too long for your stand and need to learn how to shorten a hammock – well your in luck. It’s a fact that some hammocks are too long for the stand, and in order to get the best lay you will need to make some adjustments. Unless of course you want to lay on the ground – then your all set.

There are two solutions that work equally as good:

Tie a Knot in the Strings

In order to get the shorter for the stand you will need to make the strings shorter. An easy way to accomplish this is to tie a knot in each end of the hammock strings before the loop that latches into the stand. This will shorten the length of the hammock so it will sit the stand better.

If your hammock is still too long you can tie multiple knots in the string. I suggest you tie one knot and then test the length before tying additional knots. Remember to tie a knot on each side of the hammock or the distance on each side will be off making the hammock uneven.

Wrap the Strings Around the Bar

Another solution you may want to try is to wrap the strings around the bar before attaching the loop to the hook on the stand. You can wrap the strings around the bar as many times are you need to in order to get the proper sag in the hammock.

I would recommend this solution over the first because you have more control over how much length in the string you want to remove. In the previous solution, tying a knot in the strings, you have less control and have to deal with

Drooping Hammocks

If your not using a stand and your hammock is drooping this is likely because you did not tie it tight enough. Your hammock should resemble a banana shape from the side, if not you may experience tightness when you lay on it.

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