Why Your Hammock May Be Tight

Are you experiencing a tight hammock when you lay down on it? There are several reasons why this may be the case. We will explore these situations below:


Your Hammock Is Tied Too Tight

The most common reason for a hammock being tight in the middle is because the hammock is tied is too tight. This is a common mistake when hanging a hammock, which can result in the middle being tight when laying down on it. Remember that your hammock should resemble a banana when viewed from the side. Learning the proper way to hang a hammock is important for a comfortable lay.

Your Hammock May Be Too Long

Another reason your hammock might be tight is that it is too long for you. Your hammock should be setup so that it is 3-4′ longer than you are tall. Laying in a hammock that is too long can cause the middle to squeeze in making it tight in the middle.

If your hammock is too short it is likely that you will have an uncomfortable lay altogether.

Your Suspension Angle Is Off

Is your suspension hanging at 30°? Your suspension should be hanging at approximately 30° . If your suspension is too steep or not steep enough this can cause more tension in the middle of the hammock which will cause it to tighten. Make sure that your hammock is hanging at the optimal 30°.

If you are having issues with the suspension for your hammock you may want to consider using a ridgeline. A ridgeline can help you get the same amount of sag every single time.

The Wrong Type of Hammock

Depending on what you are using the hammock for and where you are hanging it can determine if it is comfortable to lay on. Make sure you are using the proper type of hammock for camping or just lounging in the backyard.

Certain types of hammocks are naturally tighter than others, and determining the best type of hammock for your use will make your rest much more comfortable.