How To Hang A Hammock – Complete Guide

The hammock is an essential piece of furniture, especially if the summer and spring seasons are around the corner. If you are new to hammock hanging or you want to set up a hammock outdoors, then this guide will help you find all the necessary information required to hang a hammock. My family and I love to set up hammocks when we go camping and trust me.

It is the most relaxing and pleasurable activity to do. Usually, hammocks come with simple setup procedures. You only have to find the right place to hang them. For me, hanging a hammock between the trees is the best place to spend quality time with nature. Keep reading this review to find more details about how to hang a hammock.


Step-by-Step Guide

man setting up hammock

Finding Suitable Place

For installing a hammock, you will need considerable space. You can set up a hammock indoors as well as outdoor depending on your choice. If you want to hang a hammock on your porch, then you can use two options. The first is to hang the hammock on your ceiling with the help of ceiling attachments. The second is to hang the hammock on the sides of the porch using beams. You can use several ways to set up your hammock. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Setting up a hammock depends upon the place you have chosen to hang a hammock.


Hammock Tools

You can use hammock tools to hang a hammock which includes: chain lengths, s-hooks, j-hook, finger nine, and ring buckets. These tools will help you hang a hammock perfectly due to their rugged, challenging, and solid built. Hammock hardware suspensions are easier to use than tying a rope knot. With the help of these tools, you can easily adjust the distance between the sides of the hammock. These tools can harm trees while you set up a hammock, but you can use these tools in combination with tree straps to reduce the damage.

Tying A Rope Knot

The second method of hanging a hammock is using a rope. It is the most common and traditional way and used by several scouts. Tying a perfect knot is not much difficult, but it needs practice to tie a firm knot. It is a mobile option and allows you to carry and pack the rope with you. Furthermore, the best part is that this technique will not harm the trees. I prefer this method because I am a tree lover, and I don’t want to puncture or damage the trees.

Hammock Stands

If you want to hang a hammock in the backyard or porch, then a hammock stand is the best option for you. A hammock stand is easy to set up and looks attractive when set up. It comes in many sizes and designs. You can choose whatever suits you. In my opinion, the hammock stand only needs a considerable space; otherwise, it is one of the best options. You can easily move this stand from one place to another. The assembling and dissembling of these hammock stands take time, but they are an excellent option for a camping trip too.

Setting Hammock Between Trees

If you want to hang a hammock between two trees, it is essential to select a tree that can easily support your weight. Choosing a young tree is a bad option as it will not carry your weight. The length and distance between two trees depend upon the tension you want for your hammock. An ideal space between two trees while hanging a hammock is between 10 to 15 feet.

If you don’t find any tree with the proper space or feel the distance is more significant, use hammock extra straps or chains for hanging a hammock. The height between the ground and a hammock is also essential because you will not feel comfortable with an unacceptable level. The ideal height should be 18 inches from the ground.

Hanging A Hammock On The Porch

If you want to hang a hammock on the porch, you can use the celling or the side beams. It’s totally up to you which option you want to choose for hanging a hammock. You will need two ropes/cords/chain lengths/straps. Warp these extensions around the beam and attach them with the help of a suspension or hammock hardware tool. Again it depends upon your choice of how much tension you want while hanging a hammock. I prefer to hang a hammock loosely for comfortable sleeping or sitting position. You can also hang a hammock chair.

hammock on the porch


What is the best way to hang a hammock?

The best way to hang a hammock is to tie it between the trees. For this, wrap two ropes or straps around the trees that should be at a distance of 10 to 15 feet. Use suspensions of hammock hardware tools to tie at the end loops of a hammock securely. You can hang it loosely or tightly depending upon the tension you want.

How to hang a hammock in the backyard?

The best way to hang a hammock in the backyard is through posts. For this purpose, you will have to dig two holes. Place the post in both the holes and fill it with concrete. Now, wait until the concrete is set. You can use a hammock tool like j-hooks on each post and then wrap the rope/straps or hammock ends to these j-hooks and adjust the tension you want for a perfect hanging hammock.

How high should a hammock be from the ground?

The hammock comes in different sizes and designs. The ideal height for the hammock is 18 inches above the ground, but if your hammock is with spreader bars, then an ideal height would be 4 to 5 feet. If the hammock is without the spreader bar, you can tie the hammock 6 to 8 feet above the ground.


Spending summers or springs in your backyard or porch on a hammock is a fantastic feeling one can experience. If you are new to hanging a hammock, this guide will help you find all the necessary information regarding hanging a hammock perfectly between the trees or on your porch. It was a detailed review about how to hang a hammock to guide regarding its correct hanging procedures.