Can You Put a Stove Jack in Any Tent? – 2024 Complete Guide

Nothing is more adventurous than having a camp tent in winter and cold weather. But it is difficult to bear the freezing weather. To cope with cold weather, one needs to keep the tent and themselves warm.

You can wear double layers of clothes or use spec sleeping bags, but it won’t be enough in the chilly weather. For keeping a tent warm, you can put the stove jacks, but for installation, you just need a canvas or polycotton tent that consists of a chimney.

Well, here are some ways that you can put a stove jack in a tent to make it warm and have a thrilling tenting experience. If you’re worried about the smoke it emits, then there’s no need to worry about it.

You can easily escape the smoke out of the tent through a flue pipe, while the stove jack being inside will keep your tent warm. Before getting this amazing cozy experience, you have to learn how to safely install a stove jack inside the tent.


Using a woodburning stove in any tent?

Stove jacks are very safe enough to put in a polycotton or canvas tent, which provides an affectionate environment. It might be dangerous if they are not perfectly installed. For safe and feasible installation, one must learn how to install them. You also need to follow the safety measures for superb results before you put it in a tent.

1. Fire Precautions

For installing a stove jack, you must follow the following fire precaution.

  • Firstly, it is better to roll up the groundsheet and put the stove jack on the ground directly. The stove jack might escape fire ashes which can burn the mat.
  • You need a spark arrester that will prevent sparks from falling on the tent and protect it from any mishap of burning.
  • Now put the important essentials away from the stove because they will get heated.
  • Must keep a fire extinguisher in case of any danger.

2. Assemble

After following the above precautions, you need to assemble the tools and materials required for putting a stove jack in a tent. Firstly, you need a worthy canvas tent, two adjustable wrings, a sharp knife, a stove jack, a pencil, and a flue pipe. Secondly, you just need a person to help.

If you are using the new branded tents, you will need to burn them for hours before using them. The burning will allow the stove jack to remove all the chemicals and oils remnant during manufacturing.

3. Choosing Stove Placement

After assembling all the things, you need to select the appropriate place for putting the stove jack. Before placing, you need to check the temperature and the environmental difference. Placing it at the proper place will cause it to heat a tent equally.

If you want that larger area to be covered with heat then you need to place it in the middle of the tent. The Centre placement of the stove jack is an ideal placement, especially for cold weather. If the stove jack is placed closer to the walls, then it might catch fire.

4. Cutting and Disassembling

Cutting and Disassembling

After choosing the perfect place for putting a stove jack, then you need to fit the flue pipe tightly. Already installed stove jack may be problematic for placing the stove inside the tent.

You need a sharp knife to cut the rubber according to the size of the stove, making it perfect to fit around the flue pipe. Now, you need to disassemble the stove jack fully for using the ring as a stencil imminently.

5. Cutting of Bolt Holes

Mark the hole on the stovetop for placing the flue pipe. Put the metal ring around, then the flue pipe exit points, and use the pencil to mark the points accurately of cutting the stove.

Poke holes from the knife, which will allow the bolts to pass through it. But do not cut the holes right now; you’ll have to do it later.

6. Installing the Stove Jack

You have to place the stove jack metallic area from the outside of the tent with the bolts by pressing it with the canvas. Add a second metallic ring from inside of the tent with the nuts. The canvas should be placed tightly between the metallic rings by using the wrenches.

Tight the sealing between the nuts as much as you can. You can even use glue, wax for longer and safer use. Once it is installed, you cut a hole for inserting the flue pipe.

7. Fire up the Stove Jack

Cut the hole that you have marked already with the pencil for installing the flue pipe. Insert the flue pipe in between the metallic rings and assemble the stove for firing. Put the fire in and enjoy the warm and cozy experience during freezing nights.

8. Cheap Tents with Stove Jack

Heating a tent is really challenging and tricky during winter weather. For the safe side, people mostly use wooden fire outside their tent. To settle the problem of heating your tent, you need a stove jack for a hot and cozy tenting experience.

But then comes the problem of choosing a tent, for that a variety of tents are available. People basically search for the most reliable and cheap tents with the stove jack, which are best for use and are affordable.


Using a woodburning stove in any tent FAQ

1. Can you add a stove Jack to a tent?

Yes, you can add a stove jack to a tent because it provides a warm and hot sensation during harsh conditions. They are safe to use because it consists of smoke escaping from the flue pipe.

2. What tents can I put a stove in?

You cannot put the stove jack in any tent because it might catch fire. The best ones to use are canvas and polycotton tents.

3. Is it safe to use a stove in a tent?

Its risk to use a stove inside a tent. For secure use of a stove, you need a proper ventilation system. Before placing it one must follow the safety precautions and then put a stove tent.


Now worry less and enjoy more by placing the stove jack inside the canvas and polycotton tent. Heat is a basic essential, and it is required for making food and keeping a tent hot. For a cozy experience, place the stove jack inside the tent by inserting the flue pipe for smoke escaping.

For a perfect procedure, follow the fire precaution instruction and get a warming and relaxing experience during cold weather. Forget the weather and enjoy the heating of the stove jack inside a tent!