10 Best Turkey Vests 2024 – Run & Gun Gobbler Hunting

Turkey hunting can be a lot of fun if you put on some correct outfit that can help you in hunting down the gobbler. Most of the time it becomes difficult to pick the right vest from a market full of varieties.

To make work more accessible, we have put together a list of the best turkey vests 2024 money can buy, so you can get a leg up on the competition when you go turkey hunting.

Turkey hunting vests deserve a standing ovation because they will serve as storage facilities for all of the minor items you will need when turkey hunting.

As a result, pockets are crucial to achieving the goal of a turkey hunting vest. In addition,  We have included another component below.


1. Hunters

Hunters Hunting Vest

This one-of-a-kind turkey hunting vest is one of those that does what a turkey vest is meant to accomplish. This is not widely publicized, and the manufacturer does not say much more about their goods, so you will generally have a hard time discovering it online.


  • The consumers who have utilized the device have given it positive feedback, indicating a reasonable investment.
  • The Strut Turkey vest has plenty of pockets and zippers of all sizes and shapes to assist you in keeping all of the gear you will need on a turkey hunt.
  • There are indeed a lot of oversized pockets that could be useful for transporting turkey ambushes. It is also light and comfortable, with enough room for body motions, especially when cooped up in a remote location.
  • It has a durable quality, and the camouflage print is highly realistic, allowing you to merge in with any forest setting.

2. ALPS Outdoorz

ALPS Outdoorz Hunting Vest

This turkey hunting vest immerses you in the action of turkey hunting. It boasts a ‘sit anyplace’ hinge structure for the most convenient wearing session possible.


  • It includes a thickly cushioned adjustable seat. A sleeve secures your phone in place so that you may use it without taking it out of your bag.
  • Many of the pockets are detachable, allowing you to be more creative with using them.
  • Various extra pockets make it easy to carry all of your other belongings. The shoulder grips are retractable, allowing you to shoot in the most comfortable position possible.
  • A unique game bag, complete with a deep orange flag, is also included, ensuring your security when you leave the court with your award.

ALPS Outdoorz

3. Primos

Primos Hunting Vest

Although the variety of pouches in this jacket is not specified, all pouches are versatile. With its convenient refreshment pocket to hold water, you can make the whole turkey hunting trip without becoming thirsty.


  • They have included a flip-down lounging bench with backrests. There are also additional decoy pouches and a water-resistant smartphone pocket.
  • The camo style in Realtree Xtra Green provides excellent protection in low-light situations.
  • This may become a viable alternative to your low-cost solution since it comes equipped with decoys pouches, molded pot and carton call pockets, a waterproof smartphone sleeve, and, most significantly, an integrated flipping lounge bench.
  • The shoulder harnesses are also included to allow for proper adjustment. Not to mention that a gaming pocket is also sewn into the vest.

4. Knight & Hale

Knight & Hale Hunting Vest

The knight and hale turkey vests have modified their vests with new inbuilt mechanisms. It can be a great fit for men, women, and teenagers.

Every age group can enjoy hunting because of the comfort it provides.


  • After customizing the vest, you will see that it is tailored specifically to your body form.
  • More importantly, at only 1.5 pounds, it is perhaps the lightest turkey vest you would ever meet across.
  • There is a 6-layer cushioned seat so you may relax comfortably while you wait for the turkey to arrive.
  • You do not have to remove the vest off while scouting because of its intuitive design; it will calm you down at all during the hunt.
  • The vest has two compartments for pot yells, one for box calls, various compartments for quick-dry diaphragms, striking slots, molle attachment, and extra pockets for many other supplies to help you organize your arsenal.
  • As a result, it has ample room to accommodate whatever you need to take down turkeys.

5. Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums Hunting Vest

If you have a child or youngster at home who is enthusiastic about turkey shooting, you may purchase this juvenile turkey vest for them. It has all the features which your child might like.


  • It is composed of 100% polyester fabric and high-quality components, and it is both robust and light. Unlike traditional vests, it does not make you feel overweight while you run in them.
  • There are two spacious compartments to store most of your hunting materials and services.
  • A box call, slate call sleeve, and other equipment can be stored in the vest. There are also several pockets and cartridge loops for convenience. As a result, it has almost everything a small hunter may require in the field.
  • Thanks to the adjustable, comfortable seat, the shooter will sit quietly and wait for the game to arrive. It is thick enough to give you considerable pleasure even if you place it on hard ground.
  • Even though there is only one measurement, the vest has flexible shoulder and sternum bands so that the tiny fellow may get a good fit.

6. Scentblocker Thunder

Scentblocker Thunder Hunting Vest

The Scentblocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest is the end of our ranking of the most incredible turkey hunting vests. This waistcoat is also one of the less bulky types created with the prepared hunter in mind.

Over 20 various pockets are included in the design, allowing you to take all of the essential hunting gear outdoors.


  • It is worth noting that many of these pouches are zippered shut for added security, while others can be crammed full and then tied shut. But do not be fooled by the abundance of storage pockets.
  • This vest also has a foam cushion and a seat, ensuring that you have the most comfortable experience possible.
  • The seat is also built to last for long days. It has also been strengthened with PVC to improve the strength.
  • This vest’s concept is all about providing minimum coverage, right clear from the way it is made to fit. The maker also went above and beyond to ensure that you do not struggle when wearing this vest with your camo gear.
  • The version comes with additional cushioning on the adjustable straps for maximum comfort. A mesh section around the top back allows both you and the vest to breathe comfortably.

Scentblocker Thunder

Buyer’s Guide For Best Turkey Vests 2024

1. Price

A turkey hunting vest’s cost, like any hunting goods, will vary based on the characteristics you need. The prices range from roughly $35 to $200.

2. Vest Sizes

Vests are available in a variety of sizes. Although some vests contain both free-size and size-adjustable hooks, others do not.

As a result, you must choose one based on your preferences and size. On the other hand, many turkey scouting vests come in a regular size that suits most hunters.

3. Lifespan

This is not always the case that more expensive products will provide you with a durable, long-lasting fabric. As a result, consider additional aspects such as extra straps, vest weight, and so on while making up your mind.

They should be robust and resilient enough to last a long time because they conceal garments worn on the outside. As a result, if a lighter-weight vest is pooled with a suitable material grade, it will look incredible.

4. Pockets

As previously said, pockets play a primary function as storage facilities for your turkey’s hunting gear. However, the number of pockets wasn’t the only factor to consider. Each of the many gadgets should have its designated storage area. Certain vests, for example, have pouches for both turkey calls and pot calls.

Your calls will not be dampened no matter when you go turkey hunting in the rain. Pockets should also be simple to use and quiet. Even if you get stuck between them before you tend to range a turkey, this will not look good.

Best Turkey Vests

5. Carrying Ease

Bulkier vests should be avoided because they will become a burden throughout your tense bird expedition. It would help if you looked out for the comfortability of each vest to vary according to the size, the number of pouches you require, or the linked cushioned seat to make your turkey poaching session more enjoyable.

6. Ability To Adapt

We are referring to camouflage vests. These are the greatest turkey hunting vests, in our opinion, since they are more flexible to the climate. Whether you want the Realtree Edge or Mossy Oak pattern, you must inspect the environment of your hunting location before purchasing a multipurpose hunting vest.

Mossy Oak Obsession and Mossy Oak Bottomland are two sub-patterns of Mossy Oak. As a result, pick wisely.

At the start of the early spring, while fresh flora and plants have yet to bloom, a vest with more grey and brown colors will become more effective. The exact layout would be ideal for the autumn season.

As the springtime season progresses, you will want to think about green-based designs that will blend in with the surroundings and shield you throughout the hunting season.

Buyer's Guide For Best Turkey Vests - Ability To Adapt

7. Seats

The majority of current turkey hunting vests have connected seats. You should check the detachability and convenience of use of any seat, whether this is a plain foamy seat, a lounger seat, or a padded seat, to ensure that it will not produce any noise.

8. Built-in Security

It suffices to say that your safety is a top priority when you are out shooting.

Without that kind of safety sign, hanging the captured gobbler out of the backpack of your vest puts you and your shooting party at risk of being attacked!

Most of those top turkeys’ vests include a built-in safety sign for these factors. If your turkey vest does not have a built-in blazing flag, make sure to bring one with you.


You can infer that the best turkey vests 2024 require proper maintenance and a practical set of materials.

Perhaps, this article has helped you understand the significance of a turkey hunting vest and has also assisted you in selecting the best outfit with all of the required qualities for a shooter.

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Best Turkey Vests FAQs

Q1. When it comes to turkey hunting vests, which is the most crucial feature to search for?

Ans: First and foremost, check to determine if the vest does have enough pouches. Nevertheless, having a comfortable seat is also essential.

Q2. How bulky should the vest’s padding seat be?

Ans: The vest’s bottom should be at least one or two inches thick. If it is composed of cushioning gel, the width can be smaller.

Q3. What is the best way to get the best-fitting turkey vest?

Ans: A flexible vest is the most excellent option for ensuring the most acceptable fit. Get the proper size if you are worried about how your vest will fit. Selecting a vest with shoulder straps and hooks should solve your difficulty if your size is unique.

Q4. What kind of items can I store in my turkey vest?

Ans: In a nutshell, “a lot.” Depending on the type and timing of your journey, you may need pot calls, box calls, strikers, shells, bug repellent, sandpaper, decoy, GPS device, munchies, water bottle, cellphone, tapes, ink pens, slate pads, mouth call bag, survival poncho, and more.

Q5. Do you go turkey hunting in hot weather?

Ans. Late last season, after many of the hens have bred, gobblers begin floating and seeking any females that are still accessible, some of the best turkey hunting occurs. Late-season turkey hunting necessitates battling the heat and insects.

Q6. When it comes to turkey hunting, what colors must you avoid?

Ans: In your turkey hunting attire, stay away from the colors red, white, and blue. In the delight of the hunt, you wouldn’t want another shooter to misinterpret a flash of red, white, or blue activity for a gobbler’s skull. Dull browns and greens, or turkey-hunting camouflage designed to blend into the springtime forests, are the ideal turkey hunting attire.

Q7. What is the best way to figure out what size turkey vest I need?

Ans: If you are shopping for a vest, make sure it fits over any layers you will be wearing at the beginning of the season when it is chilly. This is particularly concerning for hunters in the north, where spring and summer may be bitterly cold.

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