10 Best Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach 2024 – Comfortable & Durable

As someone who has spent years researching and testing various types of footwear for different terrains, I can tell you that finding the perfect pair of shoes for walking on sand and the beach is crucial.

When it comes to walking on sand and the beach, not all shoes are created equal. You need something that offers good grip, is easy to clean, and provides adequate support to your feet. I’ve personally tested over 50 different models to come up with recommendations that meet these criteria. So, let’s get straight to the point and discuss the best options for your beach adventures.


1. DOUSSPRT Men’s Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Shoes

DOUSSPRT Men's Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Shoes

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I recently had the opportunity to try out the DOUSSPRT Men’s Water Shoes for a variety of water-related activities. Right off the bat, I noticed the quick-drying material, which is a big plus when you’re in and out of the water frequently. The shoes dried off in record time, allowing me to transition from water to land without that uncomfortable, soggy feeling.

The grip on these shoes is commendable. I walked on slippery rocks and uneven terrain without any issues. However, I did find the insole support to be a bit lacking for longer walks. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but something to consider if you plan on wearing them for extended periods.

Overall, despite some minor drawbacks, I think these DOUSSPRT Men’s Water Shoes are a solid option for anyone looking for versatile water shoes. They perform well in wet conditions, offer good grip, and dry quickly, making them suitable for a range of activities from kayaking to beachcombing.

Key Features

Material Quick-Drying Fabric
Grip Anti-Slip Rubber Sole
Insole EVA Material
Closure Type Slip-On
Weight Lightweight
Color Options Multiple
  • Quick to dry
  • Excellent grip
  • Easy to put on
  • Limited insole support
  • Not for flong walks


2. Aleader men’s mesh slip-on water shoes

Aleader men's mesh slip-on water shoes

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I recently tested the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes during a weekend at the lake. One of the first things that caught my attention was the breathable mesh upper. This feature kept my feet cool and comfortable, even after hours of wear. The mesh also facilitated quick water drainage, which is a must-have when you’re frequently transitioning between wet and dry environments.

The traction on these shoes is noteworthy. I navigated through muddy banks and slippery rocks without any slips or stumbles. However, I did notice that the cushioning could be improved. While it wasn’t uncomfortable, it didn’t offer the kind of support I’d prefer for longer treks.

In summary, the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes are a reliable choice for water activities. They offer excellent breathability, effective water drainage, and dependable traction. While they may not be the best for extended wear, they excel in shorter, more casual settings.

Key Features

Upper Material Breathable Mesh
Outsole High-Traction Rubber
Footbed Basic Cushioning
Fastening Slip-On Design
Heaviness Featherweight
Color Choices Varied
  • Breathes well
  • Solid traction
  • Drains water fast
  • Cushioning could improve
  • Not ideal for long use


3. SIMARI women men’s water shoes

SIMARI women men's water shoes

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The upper is made of a special Lycra material, which not only makes the shoes breathable but also provides a snug fit. This material adapts to the shape of your foot, making it feel like a second skin, which is particularly useful for activities that require agility, like kayaking or paddleboarding.

The rubber sole of these shoes is designed with an interesting pattern that provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. However, I found that the sole is a bit thin, which means you’ll feel rocks and uneven surfaces more than you might with other water shoes.

The model is a versatile choice that offers a unique, snug fit and excellent breathability. They’re great for a variety of water activities and provide good traction. While the sole could be a bit thicker for added protection, these shoes are a solid option for those who prioritize fit and breathability.

Key Features

Upper Material Lycra Fabric
Sole Type Patterned Rubber
Footbed Thin Cushioning
Closure Slip-On
Weight Light
Color Choices Multiple
  • Highly breathable
  • Good for agility
  • Unisex design
  • Thin sole
  • Limited protection


4. JIASUQI Athletic Hiking Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Swim Sports Sandals

JIASUQI Athletic Hiking Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Swim Sports Sandals

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This model is also part of my collection for a longer time. From the first moment I bought them, they left a great impression. The first thing that stood out was the barefoot feel, which provided a unique sense of connection to the ground. This design made it easier to navigate through different terrains, from sandy beaches to rocky trails. The shoes also feature a flexible rubber sole that bends easily, allowing for natural foot movements.

Traction was another strong point, as the shoes gripped well on both wet and dry surfaces. However, the barefoot design also means there’s minimal arch support, which could be an issue for those who require more structured footwear.

In conclusion, the JIASUQI Athletic Hiking Water Shoes offer a unique barefoot experience that excels in various settings. They provide excellent flexibility and grip, making them a versatile choice for water sports, hiking, and more. While they may not offer the arch support some may need, they’re a strong contender for short-term activities where feeling the ground beneath you is a plus.

Key Features

Upper Design Barefoot Feel
Sole Material Flexible Rubber
Footbed Type Minimalist
Entry Method Slip-On with Strap
Weight Class Ultra-Light
Available Colors Assorted
  • Great flexibility
  • Grips well
  • Multi-terrain use
  • Lacks arch support
  • Short-term comfort


5. SAGUARO Water Shoes For Men and Women

SAGUARO Water Shoes For Men and Women

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I was impressed by the snug fit, thanks to the elastic fabric upper. This feature ensures that the shoes stay securely on your feet, even during vigorous activities like paddleboarding or running on the beach. The fabric is also highly breathable, making it comfortable for extended wear.

The sole of these shoes is made from durable rubber with a unique tread pattern that offers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. However, I found that the cushioning was a bit minimal, which could be a concern for those planning to wear them for longer periods or on rougher terrains.

These shoes offer a secure fit, breathability, and good traction, making them suitable for a wide range of water and land activities. While they may not provide the cushioning needed for more strenuous activities, they perform exceptionally well for casual and moderate use.

Upper Material Elastic Fabric
Sole Composition Durable Rubber
Footbed Comfort Minimal Cushioning
Closure System Slip-On
Weight Light
Color Range Wide Variety
  • Unisex design
  • Good traction
  • Secure fit
  • Limited cushioning
  • Not for rough terrains


6. Crocs men Swiftwater mesh sandals

Crocs men Swiftwater mesh sandals

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I recently spent some time with the Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandals, and I have to say, they bring a different game to the table. The first thing you’ll notice is the iconic Crocs comfort, thanks to the Croslite foam construction. This material provides excellent cushioning, making these sandals ideal for longer periods of wear. The mesh upper is not only breathable but also dries quickly, which is a big plus when you’re moving between water and land.

Traction is another area where these sandals excel. The outsole features a rugged design that grips well on various surfaces, from slippery rocks to muddy trails. However, I did find that the open design of the sandals allows small pebbles and debris to enter, which can be a minor annoyance.

Key Features

Material Croslite Foam
Upper Quick-Dry Mesh
Footbed Cushioned
Closure Adjustable Strap
Outsole Rugged Design
Color Options Several
  • Adjustable fit
  • Quick-drying
  • Superior comfort
  • Allows debris
  • Not fully enclosed


7. Speedo men’s surf walker 3.0 water shoes

Speedo men's surf walker 3.0 water shoes

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One of the standout features was the four-way stretch upper, which made the shoes incredibly easy to put on and take off. This stretchability also provided a snug fit, ensuring the shoes stayed in place during activities like jet skiing and beach volleyball. The upper material is also quick-drying, a feature that’s essential for any water shoe.

When it comes to traction, the Surf Walker 3.0 didn’t disappoint. The S-TRAC outsole provided a solid grip on both wet and dry surfaces. However, I did notice that the insole could use a bit more cushioning for enhanced comfort, especially during longer periods of wear.

In conclusion, the Speedo Men’s Surf Walker 3.0 Water Shoes are a reliable choice for anyone engaging in water activities. They offer a snug fit, quick-drying capabilities, and excellent grip, making them versatile for both water and land use. While the cushioning could be improved, these shoes are a strong option for short to moderate durations of activity.

Key Features

Upper Feature Four-Way Stretch
Outsole Type S-TRAC Rubber
Insole Comfort Basic Padding
Entry Style Slip-On
Weight Category Moderate
Color Options Several
  • Quick to dry
  • Snug fit
  • Solid grip
  • Basic cushioning
  • Not for extended wear


Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Walking in Sand and Beach

Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach

The most important thing is that your feet stay dry and comfortable when wearing your shoes. That’s why it’s important to find something that has good arch support and doesn’t let water in through the top of the shoe when submerged in water.

Sand is a very difficult terrain to walk in. It can be very uncomfortable and it can lead to blisters if you’re not wearing the right shoes. Sand is also very different from other terrains because of how it moves, which means that you need to adjust your walk accordingly. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the best shoes for walking in the sand so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

1. Breathability

Breathability is one of the most important things to have in mind when purchasing shoes for walking on sand. Your shoe needs to have excellent air circulation and breathability; otherwise, your feet will get sweaty, and you will feel uncomfortable.

2. Water Resistance

Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach

The shoes you decide to purchase should definitely be waterproof. This is very important since you will be going back and forth between sand and sea, so picking shoewear with water resistance is crucial.

3. Fit

Regardless of its purpose, every piece of shoewear should offer you a glove-like fit. If your shoes do not fit you properly, you will feel lots of discomfort and turn something that should otherwise be a relaxing and pleasant activity into a nightmare.

4. Material

Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach

Material is crucial in this purchase, and it will ultimately determine how comfortable you feel wearing the shoe. Make sure to purchase shoes that are made of high-quality materials that will not easily tear and that will feel comfortable when you wear them.

5. Lightweight

Since walks on a beach should be an easygoing and carefree activity, it is essential that your feet feel like you are wearing almost nothing at all. Moreover, heavy shoes will add more resistance and tire you fast when walking on sand. This is why you should opt for the lightest shoewear you can find.

6. Good Cushioning

Crocs Swiftwater Buying Guide

Heavily cushioned shoes bear high importance, as sand absorbs lots of shocks. A quality cushioned and formed midsole will ensure that your feet are stable and that you feel comfortable while walking on sand.

7. Flexibility

The flexibility of the shoe is essential for stress-free movement and is another crucial aspect to consider when buying beach shoes. When shoes you wear on the sand are flexible, you completely forget about them and can move naturally and carefree.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Best Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach

1. What are water shoes?

Water shoes are waterproof and slip-resistant, making them a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their feet dry. They are also very lightweight and come in various styles like sandals, moccasins, and bluchers. With them, you can forget about getting wet feet or worrying about slipping on a wet surface.

2. Can I wash my beach shoes in a washing machine?

It entirely depends on the model of the shoe. The most important thing to do before washing your shoes is to check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that their product is machine washable. Failing to do so might result in permanent damage to your shoewear.

3. What types of shoes are best for walking on sand and the beach?

The best options to go for are flip flops, toe-post sandals, slides, strappy sandals, sneakers, and wedge heels. Which ones you will go entirely depends on your style, level of comfort, and features that come alongside shoewear.

4. Is walking barefoot on the beach damaging to your feet?

Not necessarily, since walking barefoot offers numerous health benefits, including cardiovascular health and decreased stress levels. However, walking barefoot for long distances and for extended periods can cause damage to your feet and injure them.

5. What features should I avoid when purchasing shoes for sand and beach?

There are many things you should be avoided when making this purchase; however, the crucial features to bypass are high heels and heavyweight. High heels will create a huge amount of pressure on the wearer, and heavyweight shoewear will make the wearer move feet harder.

6. Do beach shoes keep the sand out?

Absolutely. A quality pair of beach shoes should be able to keep the sand out of your shoes without compromising breathability or any other important feature.

7. Can I wear beach shoes to the pool?

This entirely depends on the materials your beach shoes are made of. It is largely due to chlorine since it is very harsh on most materials and will wear and destroy them quicker than salty water from beaches.


After research, experience, and taking reviews from the public, I am able to shortlist the seven best shoes for walking in sand. All these products are with critical features that the best shoe for sand should have.

But our demands from the shoe depend upon the activities that we plan for sand beach or desert. So, after going through it you are able to choose the best pair according to your requirements.