How to Pack a Sleeping Bag for Hiking – 2022 Guide

Are you going for a camping trip? So, backpacking for your hiking? Want to pack a sleeping bag with pillow for hiking? But, don’t know how to pack a sleeping bag for hiking? Then, at last, you reached the right place to stop your wonderings about methods to pack a sleeping bag for hiking. In this section, we’re going to know about different methods of packing a sleeping bag with pillow. Let’s see!!

How to pack a sleeping bag for hiking?

While backpacking for your hiking, it is very important to fold and store a sleeping bag properly so that you can able to use on your camping trip. At the same time, improper packing of sleeping bag leads your bag to wet or heavy lump. Therefore, it is very better to know how to backpack a sleeping bag properly to get an excellent functionally.


You know there are different types of packing methods to store a sleeping bag and it also based on the type of sleeping bags too. This is because some sleeping bags are attached with camping pillow or includes other top features like storage pocket. Thus, based on your size, length, and features included in the sleeping bag only, you can able to pack for your hiking.

Below, I’m going to share you 2 different methods of packing a sleeping bag for camping or hiking.

Are you ready to know those methods? Let’s see!!

Method 1: Packing with stuff stack

Many people fold a sleeping bag and store it in the backpack without covering it up. In this case, there are more chances for your sleeping to wet. Therefore, it is important to cover the sleeping bag with a polyethene cover and do this for camping pillow too.

Nowadays, most of the sleeping bags come with a storage bag, which is called as stuff stack. So, it is good to buy a sleeping with a stuff stack to store easily. The stuff stock is small in size and as well as easy to store in the backpack.

However, it increases the small amount of volume, but you will get 2 choices for carrying your sleeping bag such as either you can carry it outside or store it in the backpack. But, it both cases, you have to cover the sleeping bag with a plastic cover to prevent wet.

Method 2: Rolling a sleeping bag


This is another method to pack a sleeping bag for your camp. If you don’t have a stuff stack, then don’t worry! This method helps you. In this way, you have to roll the sleeping bag in a half and then roll it to small size.

Here also, you need to cover it with the plastic cover to avoid wet during the rainy season. In addition to that, it prevents compression and other damages on folding and also gives a longer life.

These are the 2 methods of the pack a sleeping bag for hiking or camping. Thus, make use these methods to avoid damages and to get longer durability.