How to Make a Solar Heater – DIY Guide

Solar Heater diy

Passive solar air heaters are easy to make for people with the necessary know-how. It can be done using downspouts, pop-cans, or roofing sheets, and for a competent DIY expert, it is a pretty straightforward job. Today, we are going to talk about how to make a solar heater and explain the whole process behind … Read more

10 Best Tents for Winter Camping With a Wood Stove Jack 2022

Wood stove tents, or hot tents as people often call them, are an excellent choice for camping in cold winter environments and are irreplaceable when you require a warm cozy shelter. They are equipped with a wood stove and run a chimney through the tent’s wall, so aside from the heat, you also retain fresh … Read more

10 Best Places for Camping in Virginia and Virginia Beach 2022

Whether you are an adventurer who seizes each opportunity to find a quick backpacking getaway for a weekend, or you enjoy traveling the country with RV, Virginia has countless solutions for camping enthusiasts. In today’s article, we will take a look at some of the best places for camping in Virginia and Virginia Beach. There … Read more

Leatherman Wave vs. Wave Plus: What’s the Difference?

Leatherman Wave vs. Wave Plus - What’s the Difference

The Leatherman is a company with a tradition that lasts for over forty years and specializes in developing and selling top-notch multi-tool devices all over the world. Just several months ago, they released an updated version of their classic product, Leatherman Wave multi-tool, named Leatherman Wave plus. Today we will take a look at Leatherman … Read more

Arc’Teryx Atom AR vs. Atom LT: Which One Should You Buy?

hiker wearing arc'teryx gear

Arc’Teryx is a manufacturer of outdoor apparel that does not require a special introduction, as you have likely had an encounter with some of their products. The company has a highly prestigious reputation for producing outdoor clothing, and today we will talk about two of their popular outdoor hoodies. We will also give you the … Read more