12 Best Camping Tent Under $100 2024 – For Budget Camping

Do you like camping so much that you start planning for the trip months before? Well, we can feel you. You must have heard people saying that camping is quite an expensive hobby. The same is not always true. With the right durable camping gear, you can use the same stuff several times, saving money.

A camping tent is the only element you need to have your camping trip sorted. Treat this purchase as a one-time investment, and pick a reliable option. Today, we will describe some handpicked products. Here is the best camping tent under $100 in 2024.


Top Camping Tents Under $100 Review

No matter where you set your camp, it should bear all weather conditions and be ideal for hiking, gardening, etc. Furthermore, it should be a foldable option for easy transportation. Durable options will last longer and serve you for numerous years.

Long before, there were not many options for tents available, and only the A-frame designs were available. The market is flooded with options, and plenty of available choices are ideal for all types of campers. Check out these options to make an informed choice.

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent


The Coleman Sundome Tent is one of the best budgets under $100 and is from a reputed brand that supplies camping gear. This option is a spacious option for the entire option and is water-resistant, durable, and a lasting option. The Coleman tent is a two-season tent and a popular choice among campers. The peak height at the center of this tent is almost 6 inches and is wide enough to fit five people.

Also, even after accommodating five people, there is enough space in between each one to turn around. The tent will keep you dry and warm inside regardless of the outside weather condition. The outside is manufactured in such a way so that it can withstand strong winds and heavy rain as well.


  • This tent is a durable option and is tested before being rolled out in the market. They are tested for storms and heavy rains to keep the camper safe inside.
  • The outer part is made up of a luxurious polyester taffeta material.
  • It can be set up quickly and will hardly take 10 minutes for the user to make their camp ready.
  • Comes with adequate air ventilation. To ensure proper air supply, it has large windows and has a vend at the ground level.

2. Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent


This brand came into the camping gear industry in 2006 by three mountaineers. The primary motive behind starting this brand was that the mountaineers were not very satisfied with the available tent choices. The dimensions of this option are wide enough. The dimensions are 7’3″L x 4′ 11″W x 3’10″H. There is sufficient space inside the tent, and two people will easily accommodate.

Being a durable option, the tent is curated to withstand rains and gusty winds. The material used is made with a coating of PU 5000. A mesh is provided in the tent so that fresh air flows inside. This helps keep the environment inside the tent cool and the temperature regulated.


  • Very light in weight and comes in a great size to accommodate people conveniently.
  • The tent has an exceptional design with incredible ventilation, better than the other options. It has two additional vestibules to allow some extra storage.
  • Made of waterproof material to make sure it can withstand rains and keep the internals dry.
  • Compact in size and is portable enough to be carried easily.

3. BISINNA Professional Backpacking Tent

BISINNA Professional Backpacking Tent


ThIStent available for camping is another excellent pick on our list and is one of the highest options. The height in the center of this tent is the most compared to the other available options. You can use this one for backpacking and camping as well. Different sizes are available for this option, and you can choose to buy one as per your preferences.

The material used to manufacture this camping tent is waterproof to resist rain and breathable. High-quality material is used in the making to ensure durability. The more effective option that accommodates more people has two doors for the convenience of the people staying in.


  • This tent can be used easily for three seasons.
  • It weighs only 4.3 pounds, and so is the lightest option.
  • Various sizes are available for campers to choose from, as per their convenience and needs.
  • The dimensions, when packed, are very small so that they can be easily carried from one place to another.

4. GEERTOP 2 Person Camping Tent

GEERTOP 2 Person Camping Tent


The Geertop tent has a unique design and patterns all over the material to attract a passer’s eyes too quickly. This one is a great pick under $100 for two people. You can use it as per convenience, having said that, either use it for camping or take it along to a music festival.

The setup time will take hardly 5 minutes since all you have to do is slide the poles, and your camp will be ready. There is enough space to accommodate two people very easily, and they can turn around when sleeping. The tent has two doors for both users to access conveniently. The mesh walls provided enable superb ventilation, and the temperature is regulated.


  • It is portable and waterproof.
  • The prices at which this piece is available are quite affordable compared to the other alternatives.
  • It is made of a material that can easily withstand different weather conditions.
  • The setup is so rapid and easy that even a kid can also do it.
  • It is big enough to fit 2 or more persons.

5. Tough Instant Camping Tent

Tough Instant Camping Tent


This tent is a great option for camping when you are three or four campers in a group. It is a great investment as a camping gear since it is a durable option and will easily last longer than expected. It is an excellent choice of tent for campers and hikers of all kinds. The design and material used to manufacture this tent are durable for users’ ease.

The durable material used to manufacture this tent offers robustness to the tent. It can withstand all weather conditions and is a perfect choice to be used for all seasons. There is enough space inside the tent when spread out, and this one can easily accommodate four people. Also, they can sleep inside it peacefully.

The setup of this option is not that complicated. With some understanding of the steps, one can easily set it up within just a few minutes.


  • The material used to manufacture the inside and outside of this tent are durable, sturdy, and waterproof.
  • With proper ventilation, the temperature inside the tent stays regulated, and you will not feel suffocated even after accommodating four people.
  • The tent has two doors so that people can easily access it.
  • It comes with a warranty so that the users enjoy peace of mind when using it for camping and hiking.
  • A lightweight option that can be transported easily.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Tent

best cheap camping tent

Camping is a fun-filled outdoor activity. However, you need to consider a lot of things before embarking on your trip. You need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the trip and are well prepared. Also, make sure to buy all the required items so that you do not face any problems while on the trip.

The tent is one of the most important items you must carry with you when going on a camping trip. However, buying the right tent can be quite challenging. This is because of the various options available in the market. When deciding to buy a tent for camping, you should make an ideal choice to stay peacefully inside it. If you are confused about the things to consider when buying a camping tent, you are at the right place.

Find a few tips here that will help you make an informed choice when buying a tent.

Best Cheap Backpacking Tent

Capacity: The capacity here refers to the number of people the tent can accommodate. This feature is critical for determining the number of campers you will have along. Consider future camping trips as well. If you take your spouse and children along, you will need a bigger option. The size of the tent will also help you determine the item storage space.

Material: You will have to carry the tent to the camping spot. Hence, pick a tent that is made of lightweight material. Besides being light in weight, it should be a safe option. Several different materials are available for camping tents, such as silicone-coated, polyester, silicone-coated nylon, etc. The material should be easy to clean, waterproof, and breathable.

Setup: You will carry the tent in a folded state and will have to set it up at the camping spot. Hence, when buying one, you should ensure that the option has an easy setup and will not take much time. Most tents for camping purposes are designed so that they can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. The tent is the most critical component for campers, and hence, you need to make sure you have picked an ideal choice.

Size: When heading out to go camping, you will have to carry many other things apart from your tent. Hence, you need to pick a portable option that has a good size when you open it but can be folded in a compact size. The type of tent you use plays a major role in deciding your camping experience. Hikers usually choose ultralight tents because of their small size and easy setup features.

Comfort: It is one of the major factors you need to look for when buying a tent for your camping needs. If you know that you will carry the tent on your back, it should not bother you with its weight. Furthermore, it should be spacious enough to accommodate you and your companions.S several doors are another factor that you should consider. More gates will help you access stuff easily.

The Bottom Line

best budget tent

Has an extended vacation been planned? When camping in a tent, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that you have a good time. Several features of a tent will help you decide whether or not a particular option is suitable for your needs. With overwhelming options available, the choice may become difficult at times.

Hence, it would help if you determined your needs first to ensure you have an ideal pick. Choose a tent that you can carry easily to places and go camping with greater ease at the most attractive places.  Keep the factors mentioned above in mind to make an informed choice.


How do we choose a camping tent?

Several factors are to be considered when deciding the best tent for your needs. Some of those factors include considering the tent’s weight, the space you will need, picking the proper size based on your camping floor, considering the height of the weight, ventilation, etc. After considering some of the basic factors, you will make a decent choice.

Things not to keep in a tent?

It would help if you did not leave certain things in your tent for hygiene purposes and make sure you stay hygienic throughout. Never leave trash, food, or other scented products inside your tent. Also, don’t leave your food unattended inside your tent.

What to consider when setting up a tent?

It would help if you kept in mind certain things when setting up your tent. They are; pick a clear spot that is leveled and free from stones, decide the orientation of your tent, lay down the tarp or footprints, etc. Several different kinds of tents are available, and you should carry a choice that is highly suitable for the weather conditions of your destination.

Also, make sure that you carry all the required stuff to have a smooth camping trip.

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