12 Best Metal Detector For Kids 2024 – Treasure Hunt

Childhood is the best part of life. Learning, growing and enjoying are the three pillars of childhood. Kids usually engage in activities that are fun and mysterious at the same time. Nowadays, kids prefer online games, indoor games and treasure hunts.

They enjoy playing plenty of games that can fascinate them and bring a sense of pleasure to them. Starting from remote control cars, planes, and PlayStations, they have a never-ending list of their games. Kids also enjoy searching for lost items as in the case of treasure hunts and metal detectors are a must for the search.

A metal detector is an instrument that is used for searching or finding a lost or hidden metal item or product. However, not all metal detectors are suitable for kids. Finding a suitable metal detector for kids is essential.

Here is a list of the Best metal detectors for kids that are available online.


Top Picks Metal Detectors For Kids

1. Kid Metal detector junior 7.4 inch

Kid Metal detector junior 7.4 inch

The first metal detector which is idle for kids is a kid metal detector junior. Choosing the right metal detector for the kids is important. This metal detector is one of the best and also has commendable reviews from customers. It is sold by the RM Ricomax store and you can easily buy it online.

RM Ricomax metal detector is a battery-powered 7.4-inch junior detector and has a waterproof search coil making it easy to be used in wet areas too. The metal detector has an adjustable stem that can be adjusted to 24 to 35 inches depending on the requirements.

The clear detection by buzzer and LCD makes it super easy to operate. It is available in blue colour and is made of plastic material. Hence, this kid-friendly detector is easy to use and also conveniently available.

The design of the detector is kid-friendly and also safe for use. Safety is the major priority of the brand and they focus on providing the same to their customer base. Hence, this metal detector is no doubt the best choice one can have while purchasing a metal detector for their kids.


  • The metal detector has a waterproof coil for everywhere.
  • Its Clear detection by buzzer and LCD is worthy.
  • It has an adjustable stem.
  • The design is perfect for kids.
  • The lightweight makes it easy to handle.
  • It is made of harmless ABS material.

2. RM Ricomax metal detector for kids

RM Ricomax metal detector for kids

The second choice is from the same brand. RM Ricomax metal detector for kids is a 7.4-inch waterproof metal detector. It is a gold metal detector with a lightweight search coil. It is a suitable choice for the kids and even the youth. The search coil is about 25 to 35 inches.

The main quality of this metal detector is its high accuracy. This metal detector detects the items with very high accuracy.

This metal detector is available in yellow colour and is made of plastic material. It does not require batteries for power and is air powered. It has a telescoping design and so you are not required to assemble the product. Therefore, it is very convenient for beginners and kids. The customer reviews are worth it for the product to be given a chance.

Also, this metal detector stem and the coil is waterproof, making you free to treasure hunt in your garden, parks or anywhere else. This metal detector can be an idle buy for you.


  • It has a waterproof coil for all places.
  • The safe and beautiful design makes the detector worth the purchase.
  • The detector has high accuracy.
  • Clear detection makes the search easy.
  • The weight of the detector is light.
  • It provides clear detection.
  • The adjustable stem makes it easy to shift according to our requirements.
  • It is free to assemble.
  • This metal detector is very easy to use.
  • This detector is air powered.

3. Ommo metal detector

Ommo metal detector

Here is another fascinating and friendly metal detector. The Ommo metal detector is idle for both the kids and the adults. It is a waterproof metal detector with high accuracy.
It is available in black colour and does not require a battery and is air powered. The weight of this metal detector is 6.4 pounds.

The Ommo metal detector has an adjustable pointer display that makes it easy to check the detection mode, battery condition and metal target. Also, this detector has four modes of operation:

  • Discrimination mode: this mode helps is eliminating the metal you don’t want the detector to detect making it easy for you to focus on the goal.
  • Tone mode: this mode helps in setting the frequency that can eliminate the metal type by a low or high tone.
  • Pinpoint mode: this mode is used in focusing.
  • All-metal mode: this ultimate mode is used to detect all metals.

The Ommo brand gives you all the accessories along with the metal detector making it beneficial for you to guard your detector. It is a suitable choice for all the tiny treasure hunters waiting to go on their hunt.


  • It has a pointer screen display.
  • It is air-powered.
  • It has 4 modes of operation.
  • 6.4 pounds is the weight of this detector.
  • It is a waterproof one.
  • This detector gives high accuracy.
  • It is easy to adjust.
  • The design is convenient.
  • Full accessories are given along with the detector
  • This detector is kid-friendly.

4. Kentoktool metal detector

Kentoktool metal detector

Kentoktool metal detector is a 2.4 pounds metal detector for kids and also for adults. It is available online in blue colour and is battery powered. This detector has an adjustable stem along with a professional metal detector with an LCD. The design of the detector makes it easy to use and comfortable for the kids.

This metal detector has 3 modes for treasure hunting for kids.

  • All-metal mode: it detects all the types of metals present while you hunt your treasure.
  • Disc mode: this eliminates all the junk which you want to avoid while focusing on the treasure.
  • Pinpointer mode: this mode is for focusing on the ultimate target avoiding all the unnecessary metals or items present.

You can purchase this metal detector for your kids as this has a beautiful design and all the amazing features. One of the best things about this metal detector is the 10-inch detection depth given.


  • This one is battery-powered.
  • There are three modes of operation.
  • There is an LCD screen.
  • It has an adjustable stem.
  • The humanised design is another amazing feature of this detector.
  • The detection depth is 10 inches.
  • Accessories are also available with this one.

5. Esright Metal Detector

Esright Metal Detector

Esright metal detector is another profitable choice available for the customers. It is convenient for both the kids and the adults. This detector is available in black armrest colour. The colour of this detector gives it a unique look. The detector is air sourced and does not require batteries. It is made up of Aluminium, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material.

This detector has a gold metal detector with a waterproof sensitive search coil along with a 43 to 52-inch adjustable sensitive search coil. It has lightweight material for kids. This also has three modes present which include all-metal mode, disc mode and pinpoint mode. You are just required to shift the buttons accordingly. It also focuses on deeper detection.

If you buy this metal detector for your kid, you get an advantage of a 1-year warranty. So, if your kid damages the detector, you can get it replaced or repaired as per the possibility.


  • Higher sensitivity is one of the best features.
  • Higher accuracy makes the search easy.
  • A waterproof search coil prevents damage from the wet areas.
  • Deeper detection helps in digging further.
  • Shovels are also present.
  • The design is adjustable.
  • This detector comes with a warranty.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Best Metal Detector For Kids:

Buyer's Guide To Buying Best Metal Detector For Kids

Once you have gone through the above mentioned best metal detectors for kids, you must be thinking of figuring out the thing or features that you must focus on primarily while buying one for your kid. There’s nothing to worry about as here’s a list of a few points that will guide you in buying the best metal detector for your little hunter.

1. Quality

The quality of the metal detector is the first thing to keep in mind while purchasing one. You can never sacrifice the quality of the product for your child. The best quality might be a little costly but it will be safe and serve the ultimate purpose. So, focus on the quality of the detector.

2. Battery/ Power source

Battery - Power source

What is the source of the power of the metal detector you are going to buy? Metal detectors usually require batteries or are air powered. It depends on your preference or choice. Be decisive about the power source.

3. Weight of the Metal Detector

Buying a heavy detector will become a burden for your kid more than fun. So, be focused on the weight of the detector as the metal detector must be easy to handle and your child should be able to easily carry it. Be cautious of the features of the metal detector and pay attention to the weight.

4. Accuracy


How accurately the metal detector can detect is another point that must be considered while buying one. The accuracy of the metal detector will make it more convenient to use for the kids. Remember, the more accurate, the better.

5. Modes available

The different modes available in the metal detector will make it more interesting and feasible. Check the different modes offered by the detector before you decide which one you are going to finally buy.

6. Material


Also, focus on the material used for making the metal detector. The metal should not be harmful to the kids in anyways and should be friendly to them. The material is a major thing to keep track of while making your purchase of the metal detector, especially for your kid.


You are now well aware of the best metal detectors for kids and what are the points that must be kept in mind while buying them. These detectors make it fun for the kids while they plan or play the treasure hunt. Treasure hunting helps the children in using their brains and enhances their stamina as they play.

However, before you buy any metal detector, you can always read the reviews of the customers who have purchased it. Reading the reviews will give you a more clear picture of what you want and what the product is offering and also whether both are aligning or not.

The aim is to help you in all aspects of this topic through our articles and also hope that all your questions get answered and you are now able to buy a perfect metal detector for your kid.


FAQ Best Metal Detector For Kids

1. Are Metal Detectors safe for kids?

Metal detectors that are designed for kids are kid-friendly and are safe for them. Kids can use them while treasure hunting and enjoy their game.

2. Do kids like metal detecting?

Kids prefer having fun and enjoying games. They like metal detecting as it is adventurous and every kid likes to find out hidden things and be a treasure hunter.

3. How effective are metal detectors?

Metal detectors are highly effective. However, it depends on the quality of the detector and the features.

4. Can you use a metal detector anywhere?

Usage of the metal detector depends on the features. If the metal detector is a waterproof one, you can probably use it anywhere but if it is not, you cannot use it in places like parks, gardens, pools etc as it will damage the metal detector.