10 Best Lightweight Kayak For Camping 2024 – Review and Buying Guide



It is always a pleasure to take a stroll in nature and get your body a little air directly from the green vegetation that surrounds you in a forest. Sure, a forest looks like a good idea to those of you who are into camping on dry land but if you are someone who loves staying in the water keep going!

Now, you simply have to take a moment to read the article below to get a proper understanding of all the kayaks mentioned here, and then, the choice is yours. So, let us start the journey.

Lightweight Kayak For Camping

1. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak



This product is lightweight, to help you with carrying it around. Since you are likely to use this product in heat, it has to be resistant to damage from sunlight but to make matters better, it also provides resistance against abrasion and impact.

The high pressure you have to use when inflating it offers up a much better form of stability and rigidity. The valves have been loaded with spring, so, this allows you to inflate the product with ease in less amount of time while deflating it is just the same too.

Luckily, if you find yourself in deep waters, you can just use the skews that come with this product. Also, you get two footrests that have been mounted for your comfort.

The bucket seats can be adjusted as well for your convenience. A repair patch is delivered with the product along with a bracket in the kayak where you can store the things you would like, such as fish finders, a GPS, etc.


  • The kayak weighs about 400 pounds in total.
  • To help you with damage resistance, it is resistant against sunlight, abrasion, and impact, which is all possible when in the water.
  • To help with rigidity, more air pressure is also permitted by the product.


2. Sea Eagle 370 Pro

Sea Eagle 370 Pro



Now, it is time to look at a kayak that offers space for three people. As expected, this kayak is a little longer than the rest you have encountered so far on today’s list.

But let me tell you one thing when a longer kayak is chosen, it allows you to move with better speed, so, basically, for all the pumped-up people today, a longer kayak is suitable.

Although, when you choose a long kayak, making turns with it is harder. Plus, you have two other people with you, and coordination with more people is hard. So, just keep this in mind while making your purchase.

To give you the weight capacity it is capable of carrying, it is 650 lbs. The kayak seats can be moved with ease for comfort and are spacious enough for three people to sit comfortably.


  • The drain valve is super helpful as it can be closed and opened.
  • About two skegs are placed on the bottom. This helps you with tracking and controlling the speed.
  • The backseats are movable, so adjust them according to whatever you like.
  • You get a foot pump, about two paddles, and a carry bag.


3. Driftsun Voyager

Driftsun Voyager



This product takes less than a total of five minutes to inflate totally. The best part is that it only takes that much amount of time although you have a hand pump that is included with it.

Plus, it can be deflated in no time as well. A carry bag is also available with this product, so, once you deflate it, you can just stuff it into the carry bag and you are good to go.

A single person can carry the product, so, if you are an individual wanderer, don’t worry about having too much to carry. The bottom is made up of heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin, so, this will help with durable protection against the worst thing that can happen when you are in water, punctures.

The valves are 100% guaranteed to not leak if the instructions are followed properly. Also, the top has been made out of fabric which, you can be sure about not tearing since it is worn and tear-resistant.


  • The padded seats you will come across are adjustable.
  • The deep fin offered with the product is removable but they help in tracking.
  • The paddles are made out of aluminum and the grip handles are extremely comfortable to use.
  • The bottom is made up of heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin to offer protection against damage.
  • This product is also equipped with a hand pump and a travel bag.


4. AQUAGLIDE Noyo 90




This kayak falls in the category of the beginner type of kayak. Such kayaks are helpful when it comes to taking turns as they are shorter and wider. If you are teaching someone how to paddle, or say that you are a beginner yourself, feel free to explore more of such types of kayaks.

This product only allows a single person at once, so, if you want time to yourself and are in love with water but do not feel like getting wet, this kayaking boat will come to your rescue.

Although, the beginner type of kayaking boat tends to sacrifice speed. If that is a factor you are willing to ignore, this boat is the perfect choice for you. The paddles are secure and the kayak has been made to last for a long time.

Since it is lightweight and extremely portable, you can simply deflate it, put it in a carry bag and take it around the world with you.


  • A quick-release fin comes with this product, along with a Boston valve, and a drain plug.
  • A compartment that stays dry at all times where you can store food, extra clothes, etc.
  • An accessory strap is also delivered with this product.

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5. Driftsun Rover 120/220

Driftsun Rover 120/220



This product too takes no more than 10 minutes in total to inflate to its total size. As the product deflates, it can be stuffed into a carry bag and carried around to wherever you want.

It is super lightweight and the bottom is made up of PVC Tarpaulin that provides proper protection from damage from punctures, which is the worst thing that could happen to anyone in the water.

The tracking fin and the stitching floor make it easier for you to keep in control of the kayak. The product includes backrest seats that can be adjusted according to the person’s convenience.

Plus, these seats provide high back support. Also, about two adults along with a child will fit into this kayak with ease. A hand pump is also offered with the product and a tracking fin is a happy addition.


  • The entire product weighs about 28 lbs.
  • As mentioned above, two adults paired up with a child will fit into the kayak easily.
  • The total weight capacity of the product is 600 lbs.
  • A travel bag comes with the product, so, just deflate this kayaking boat and stuff it in the travel bag and you are good to go.


Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Lightweight Kayak For Camping 2024

There are a couple of things that you should consider when buying a kayaking boat.

To make choosing a single kayak easier for you, you can consider these six steps:

Choose The Type Of Kayak You Want

There are three types of kayaks broadly speaking, sit on top, sit-in kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. The sit-on-top kayaks are open on the top, which makes it easier for the water to splash on it and ultimately, on you.

Also, balancing on such kayaks is easy. Then, we have the sit-in kayaks. Here, you sort of sit in a capsule, so you are pretty much safe from the water. These are long but if you fall out, you have to reach the shore to get back in.

The inflatable kayaks are much easier to carry than the previous types of kayaks. But these can be punctured and that’s not pretty when you are in the water.

The Purpose Of The Kayak

Kayaks are usually used for racing, fishing, recreational purposes, and touring. Knowing your purpose and then listing your requirements about the product is necessary, it will also help you in coming to a decision faster.

The Shape Of The Laying Boat

img source: kinstacdn.com

This is naturally based on the sort of kayaking you are looking forward to and how experienced you are with it. The shape of the that would be best for you should be decided upon what you are looking for. For instance, if you seek stability and balance then go for short kayaks, but if you have a bit of experience and wish for some extra sped, a long kayak would be more up your alley.

Material Of The Kayak

Each material has its own set of pros and cons and you need to decide which cons you are okay with while seeing that the advantages are pretty beneficial as well. The material plays an important role as if it doesn’t suit your purpose you might have to face issues in the long run.


Choosing the right paddle will take you a long way when it comes to a fun and more exhilarating kayaking experience. The lighter the paddle the less effort you need to put in, but as you gain experience you would want to go with something that offers you a little more speed. But the most important of them all, if you are getting one for a kid or a beginner of any sort, ensure that you find one with an asymmetrical blade that would give you more stability and keeps you in control of the speed.

Quality Of The Product

Sometimes it is not only about cost but also about quality. Aluminum and plastic paddles tend to be the most cost-effective, but they can also turn out to be very strainful on your body. When you buy a kayak it is important to remember that you get what you pay for, so cheap kayaks seem to not last very long.

It can prove to be rewarding if you choose a kayak that would serve you well in the long run.

Now that you know what to watch out for, it’s time to proceed on your kayaking hunt and get your perfect fit!


Well, there you are. You just came across the most amazing and helpful kayaks available in the market at the moment.

All in all, a kayak for your camping trip is a necessity. You require something inflatable for easy carriage and something with material thick enough to be safe, similarly, while you would like to get into the water, your companion(s) on the trip may not want the same, plus, getting wet every time is not an option, seeing that you do not have the facility of unlimited clothes there that you have at home.

As your journey ends here, there are a few things you should consider when looking for a kayak for your camping trip, for example, the type of kayak you are looking for.

Although, it is absolutely up to the person who is getting it. So, the options are mentioned above, take time, consider the pros and cons of each kayak and choose carefully.


What are the types of kayaking boats?

In total, you will find three types of kayaking boats, they are, sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in kayaks, and inflatable kayaks.

What sort of kayak can a beginner use?

It is highly recommended that a beginner should go for something shorter and wider. This sort of design helps you take turns easily while making sure that the speed is in your control.

Which material is the best for kayaking?

This entirely depends on the purpose of kayaking but kayaks made out of fiberglass are the best material you can get as they last a lot longer than kayaks made out of plastic or aluminum while they do not weigh as much either.

What is the lightest weight kayak?

Sea Eagle 370 pro is the lightest kayak on our list and, to add to its portability, it is also inflatable.

What types of Kayak are available?

There are three types of kayaks, that is, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

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